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Column and Beam section carrying 10 electrolytic cells before structural strengthening system installation.
Pressure washing column to remove loose and contaminated concrete.
Grouting column to provide a smooth surface for coating and material installation.
Grouting beam to provide a smooth surface for coating and material installation.
Installing fiber material onto beam.
Installing top coat on column at a mining tankhouse cell section.
Completed Column and Beam section at mining tankhouse carrying the 10 electrolytic cells.
Completed Column and Beam section at mining tankhouse carrying the 10 electrolytic cells.
Installing structural strengthening materials in a PCCP pipe.
Top coating a bridge column after installing the structural strengthening system.
Beam at a concentrator plant prior to structural strengthening installation.
Beam at a concentrator plant after structural strengthening installation.
Crane column after installation of structural strengthening system.

Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. is proud to be a distributor of structural strengthening products from HJ3 Composite Technologies. HJ3 Composite Technologies offers the most comprehensive line of strengthening products in the world for fortifying and protecting structures against earthquakes, blasts, and environmental damage. HJ3 relies on its design team of structural engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, project managers and construction specialists. This versatile product can be used to repair or increase existing strengths in a variety of structural components such as tanks, columns, beams, walls, floors, roofs etc. The wide range of applications for this product line makes it a product suitable for almost any industry which has structures which need to be maintained.

HJ3�s systems have been subjected to the most extensive durability testing in the industry. HJ3�s systems were subjected for 20,000 hours in continuous exposure conditions ranging from pH 2.5 to pH 12.5. These tests were accelerated in temperatures reaching 165F with accelerated UV and increased humidity. Carbon fibers have superb durability and remain structurally unaffected even after a long period of exposure to the various environments tested.

HJ3 offers the highest standard of turnkey engineering services, to customers who require engineering, that support its clients throughout the life of a project. These services include feasibility studies, full design, calculations, and stamped drawings. In addition, HJ3 provides its clients with testing services in one of the most advanced composite testing labs in the United States, located at the University of Arizona.

TMI not only sells the products through our network of agents, but also installs these materials. We are available to assist with sales leads, provide installation or provide training for local installers for out of state and overseas projects. Our network of agents are located throughout the US and Canada and extend down to Chile and Peru as well. Click here for a list of our agents and their contact information.

The use of structural strengthening materials has a broad history in many applications. Specifically, TMI has used this material to repair tanks, columns, beams and piping with various substrates such as concrete, steel and mansonry. In addition to these applications HJ3 also has systems for repairing manholes, blast protecting walls. For a list of our brochures or case studies on these subjects please click on the link below:

For more information on uses of the structrual strengthening materals, please visit HJ3 at www.hj3.com.


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