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Polymer Concrete Equipment Base.
Polymer Concrete Pump Base.
Forming for Polymer Concrete pour for pump bases.
Forming and Rebar for Polymer Concrete equipment base.
Equipment base before installing polymer concrete.
Equipment base after installing polymer concrete and coving.
Polymer Concrete Electrolytic Cell in need of repair.
Repaired Polymer Concrete Electrolytic Tank.
Polymer Concrete Tank made in sectionals for installation on site.
Installed Polymer Concrete Tank made with sectionals.
Concrete Sump before lining with Polymer Concrete.
Installing Forming for Polymer Concrete lining of the concrete sump.
Removing forming after pouring and curing of polymer concrete material.
Installing top coating on polymer concrete lining in a concrete sump.
Pouring a Polymer Concrete Floor for our PCU System.

Polymer concrete is a resin based concrete which provides a very strong and chemically resistant product which can be cast into many different shapes and sizes. TMI uses our own polymer concrete resin formulation to fabricate new products in our shop. Polymer concrete is used mainly in areas which require a strong, abrasion resistant product which holds up to severe chemical attack. Applications for polymer concrete usually require a long term solution for very difficult applications.

We have many polymer concrete products which can be produced in our shop such as electrolytic cells for the mining industry and piping and manholes for the waste water treatment industry. Additionally, we can cast many products in polymer concrete on site as well to avoid transportation costs or for on site applications. These include electrolytic cells and sumps, trenches and equipment bases.

Our experience with this material also enables us to provide repairs or modifications for polymer concrete products. We can modify the sizes of existing electrolytic cells to produce cells more suitable for new applications or new plants. We also offer maintenance programs for any existing polymer concrete products to inspect and make necessary repairs to be sure the products have a useful or extended life.




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