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Installation of tank coatings has been a natural extention of our activities in the industrial market. TMI has experience with many different types of coatings including Carboline, Belzona, Tnemec, Euclid, Sauereisen, International Coatings, Seal Coatings Protective Flooring and Lining, PermaDri along with more standard epoxies, elastomeric coating, poly ureas and polyurethanes. We have worked with carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete and fiberglass substrates. We have completed this work in many different industries including Waste Water Treatment, Mining, Oil Refineries, Paper and Pulp, Nuclear Plants, Food and Beverage Processing Plants, Power Plants to name a few.

It is our belief that there are no bad coatings only poor applications for specific coatings. It is our policy to first test a coating in a specific application (if we have no prior experience) to be sure the coating will handle the requirments of the tank or plant conditions. This reduces the possibility of failures and allows the client to concentrate on their business and not the business of protective coatings.

It is also important to note that proper preparation of the tank or structural substrate is a key to a successful installation. Installing a protective coating on to contaminated steel or concrete does not provide long lasting protection. When the old or contaminated concrete or steel comes off, so does your expensive coating. Proper prep work involves removing any contaminated materials to provide a clean surface with the proper anchor pattern for the coating to adhere to the substrate. A strong focus on the preparation of the substrate will give your coating the best opportunity for a long lasting life. Waste Water Treatment Industry.

Recently, we have been involved in the installation of coatings for a number of applications in the waste water treatment industry. Specifically, we have prepared and coated a number of tanks and boxes including Digesters, Thickeners and Thickener Mixer Boxes. These have been concrete structures which require pressure washing, sandblasting prior to installation of the coating and any cementatious materials



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