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Another recent addition is the development of PCU's (Primary Containment Unit) to help retrofit existing concrete cells with liners with a polymer concrete floor and frp lined walls. This development uses both our polymer concrete background as well as the frp strengthening system.

We have installed these cells at plants with an interest in polymer concrete cells, but they cannot justify the production loss during a complete plant shutdown. These cells can be retrofitted during regular maintenance cycles in the plant.

There are several advantages of our PCU retrofit from the concrete cells with paraliners. They include:

  • Frp system is installed directly onto the concrete thereby:
    • Reducing further erosion of the cell wall
    • Reduces the likelihood of leaks
    • Reduces the likelihood of current leakage.
  • Polymer Concrete floor
    • Material has excellent industry record for this type of application
    • Eliminates the concerns with wood floor maintenance.
    • Provides strong impact resistance for falling electrodes.
  • Improves cell cleaning procedures—operators can now stand at the end of a cell and wash down anode sludge without entering the cell.
  • Reduction in leaks reduces damage to the tankhouse floor and slip hazards in the basement.
  • Frp system adds minimal thickness to the sides of the cell ensuring the continued electrolyte flow through the electrodes and cell.
  • Customizing the design can include many features such as a polymer concrete overflow box, new drainage connections, sloped floor etc. Inclusion of an overflow box can often increase the number of electrodes in a cell thereby increasing cell production.

Please ask about our cells which have been in service since 2005. Comes with our standard 5 year warranty.



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