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Welcome to TMI

Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. is a coating installation company. Our owner, Skip Pauze has over 30 years experience in the coatings industry which has allowed us to use many of the protective coatings on the market today and in many different industries. Our success in this market has been based on our goal to create long term relationships with our clients. It is important to us that our clients know we are available AFTER the installation project has finished to make repairs, assist with maintenance or just provide regular inspection reports to be sure our work has the longest lasting life.


Structural Strengthening

TMI has most recently become an installer and supplier of structural strengthening products supplied by HJ3 Composite Technologies. Customers with columns, beams, walls, floors, tanks etc. which have structural issues can get repair options wusing our structural strengthening materials and installation as designed by structural engineers for their specific need.


Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. or TMI is a supplier and installer of a variety of products and services for industrial applications. These products and services include: protective coatings for floor and tank applications, polymer concrete fabrication of tanks, manholes, piping etc., chemical supply of reagents used in the mining industry and the supply and installation of structural strengthening products from HJ3.


During the early stages of TMI’s life, most of our work was completed in the mining industry. While most of this work is centered in the southwestern US, we also have experience in the mining industry worldwide including Chile, Peru, Austraila, Zambia and a number of European countries. Additionally, we have supplied services to other industries such as waste water treatment, pulp and paper, oil refineries etc.


Our Clients

Relationships with our clients form the cornerstone of our business. The completion of an installation project is not an ending, but only the beginning of our vendor/client relationship. It is important to TMI that after the installation, the client remains aware of the condition of the coating and proper maintenance to give the coating the longest life possible. View Client List

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