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TMI uses a variety of coatings for floor protection based on the specific application and requirements of the customer. TMI has over 30 years experience with coatings in industrial settings. A common situation encountered by coating customers is during a coating failure. Too often coating manufacturers will blame the installation procedures or company and the installation company will blame the coating. In either case, the customer is left without suitable protection for their floor. TMI has had success in this industry by only offering coatings with which we have experience and feel confident will work for the customers application. It is important to us that if we provide a coating for a customers’ application, that we are able to stand behind the coating AND our application. In the case where we have been introduced to a new coating or a new application, we will first complete our own testing before offering the coating as a solution to our customer. We also try to educate our customers on coating maintenance and in fact, most of our coatings come with our Service Maintenance Agreement which include regularly inspecting and repairing areas of the floor in need of attention. Correcting small problems quickly avoids larger, more expensive problems down the road.

Most of our flooring business is based on tough chemical resistant areas such as tankhouse and tankfarm floors which are contacted by sulfuric acid solutions as well as foot and forklift traffic. The majority of these floors are coated with our own vinylester formulation resins which have been proven in many mining applications worldwide.

However, we also have many other coatings which we have used and tested in a variety of flooring applications such as PermaDri, Polyurethanes, Epoxy Coatings to just name a few. Tell us about your application and we will tell you if we have a coating suitable for your floor.

For out of state or overseas projects, we also offer installation supervision which allow us to make use of local workers which is more economical for our customers and also provides a labor force of local workers for small repair projects to help maintain the coating.



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