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Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. was started to provide protective coating solutions to the industrial market. It has been TMI goal to provide coating installations which we will stand behind. Too often, we have found customers with coating issues who are caught in the war between a coating supplier and an installation company. The coating supplier blames the installation for failures and the installation company blames the coating for failures. Meanwhile, the customer suffers without a coating solution. To eliminate these problems, TMI tests all new coatings or old coatings for new applications to be sure the coating will hold up to the required environment. If there is a problem with the coating, the customer needs only contact TMI as their ONE point of contact. TMI will work to resolve the problem with our customer and deal directly with our coating supplier if necessary.

TMI was started in 2000 and began by providing polymer concrete repairs and installations at various mining facilities. Over time our activities have expanded into floor coatings, tank coating, structural strengthening materials and even chemical supply. TMI has experience with many different types of coatings including Carboline, Belzona, Tnemec, Euclid, Sauereisen, International Coatings, Seal Coatings Protective Flooring and Lining, PermaDri along with more standard epoxies, elastomeric coating, poly ureas and polyurethanes. We have worked with carbon steel, stainless steel, concrete and fiberglass substrates. We have completed this work in many different industries including Waste Water Treatment, Mining, Oil Refineries, Paper and Pulp, Nuclear Plants, Food and Beverage Processing Plants, Power Plants to name a few.

Skip Pauze

Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. was started in 2000 by Skip Pauze to help service the mining industry with coating applications. His 30 years of experience involves mostly work with coatings, but also includes general construction, steelwork, equipment operation, polymer concrete, linings, structural welding, sandblasting and quality control. Skip has spent over 30 years in the mining industry with various suppliers of coating materials (most notably with CTI/Ancor). His work with CTI/Ancor required him to open and operate facilities in Chile, Belgium, Mexico, Australia and Korea to name a few. This gave him the experience to run many different construction crews with many different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, during Skipís tenure with CTI/Ancor he helped the company produce more than 10,000 polymer concrete cells. Skip decided in 2000 to start TMI to provide a company that stands behind our coatings and the application of our coatings to our customers. TMI's original business focused on the repair and fabrication of polymer concrete products including EW cell repair, polymer concrete sumps, polymer concrete equipment bases and chemical resistant floor coatings. While these continue to be a large part of our business, TMI has also expanded into protective floor coatings, frp based structural strengthening products and even reagent supply for solvent extraction plants.

Stacey MacDonald

After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1993, Stacey began his career with an electrometallurgical engineering firm named Dremco Inc. At Dremco Stacey was responsible for taking new products from the conceptual design stage into commercial application. This allowed Stacey to work in various different mining applications such as copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, platinum group metals, etc. It also enabled Stacey to work and visit many of these mining applications around the world. In addition to his sales responsibilities, Stacey was also involved in the research and development of a new electrolytic cell and during this process he helped co-author three patents and published three technical papers for International Technical Journals. In 2004, Stacey joined Tankhouse Maintenance Inc. where he is responsible for a number of tasks such as assisting with the sales effort, customer service during projects, procurement of materials, and any other task that will help our customers. Together Skip and Stacey hope to expand into new industrial markets with the existing product line and continue to look for new coatings and products to assist our current client list.



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